Steps to put on the insulin


Once you roll the insulin on your palm, don't shake it. You can now grab a syringe and pull out some of the insulin. Pull down the plunger until you have the adequate amount of insulin for the injection. If there are bubbles, try to flick the side of the syringe so air bubbles can go away. Please only take the amount of units your veterinarian has suggested for your pet.


In the photo above, Those are the locations you may inject your pet with insulin. Any place that you can grab skin. If your pet is not hard to handle, you can inject your pet alone but if your pet is the type to jump, struggle around. A suggestion is to have a partner to hold the dog so you may give its' injection.


Correct way to give an injection when "tenting" the skin. This makes sure the insulin is injected into the skin flap created by "tenting" it. When the skin "tent" is released, the injected insulin is under it, or subcutaneous. Wrong way to give a shot: The needle has totally passed through the "tented skin". The insulin, or any other injected drug, will be injected into the air.